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The Apostolic Church of Jesus, Inc.
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The Apostolic Church of Jesus, Inc. (ACOJ) is an organization of Multi-Cultural "Oneness", Pentecostal churches. The Apostolic Church of Jesus was established on December 23, 1939 in the State of Florida, County of Highlands, City of Avon Park under the Founding Leadership of the late General Overseer, Elder H. Johnson, Elder J. Dye, Elder M. Cummings and Deacon Joe Hobbs. 

The beliefs of The Apostolic Church of Jesus, Inc. are rooted in Holy Bible, which is the Word of God. The primary beliefs of the Apostolic Church of Jesus, Inc., are; salvation is only possible through Jesus Christ; the baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues; water baptism by immersion; the pre-millennial second coming of Jesus; the final judgment of the dead; and the establishment of a new heaven and a new earth. 

The Apostolic Church of Jesus Inc. conducts the ACOJ Nehemiah Project Rally in the Month of March, the National General Assembly in the month of May, the National Sunday, AYPU and Sunshine Band School Convention in the month of July, the National Missionary and Women's Conference in the month of October and the National Deacon and Minister's Council in the month of December.


Statistic Information

As of 2017 the survey showed that The Apostolic Church of Jesus, Inc has approximately 1500 members, distributed throughout 19 member congregations, However through the vision of our Chief Apostle, Dr. Preston Rolle, Sr., Membership, Fellowship and Friendship the Association through out North America and the Grand Bahamas is increasing rapidly.

Please see the list of Member Churches and click on the link to see the activities and service times. We would love for you to be our quest in one of our annointed services.



Overseer Daniel Boles, Jr.
ACOJ-Orlando Piedmont
Bishop Daniel Boles, Jr. 


ACOJ-Fellowship Church  Bishop Preston Rolle, Jr.


ACOJ-Grace Temple
Pastor Charles Collins


ACOJ-On the Rock with Open Arms
Pastor Roy Campbell


ACOJ-Apopka Ministries
Pastor Johns Hall


ACOJ-Discipleship Ministries
Pastor Marshall Duckett



ACOJ-Avon Park Headquarters
Apostle Stanley C. Smith, Sr.


Overseer Jimmy Hicks, Jr.   

ACOJ-West Palm Beach
Bishop Jimmy Hicks, Jr.


ACOJ-New Life Apostolic
Apostle, Dr. Alex L. Jenkins, Sr.


ACOJ-New Deliverance
Pastor Diana Hicks


ACOJ-Praise & Worship Center
Pastor Ezekiel Rhyant, Jr.


ACOJ-FreshWord Outreach Ministries
Pastor Samuel Jacobs

Overseer Samuel Hunt, Sr.


ACOJ-Hope Centre
Bishop Samuel Hunt, Sr.


ACOJ-Fresh Anointing Ministries
Bishop Melvin Lee


ACOJ-The Lord House Ministries-Tampa
Bishop Joseph B. Lee



ACOJ-State of Georgia 
Apostle Gregory Johnson, Sr. Overseer


ACOJ Fellowship of Churches 

Time of Refreshing Ministry    Lousianna 
Pastor Sharon Pittman


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